Reasons Why Tumblr Isn’t For Pedophiles 

1. No pedophile would base an entire kidnapping on a couple pictures taken from a laptop camera that usually involve the subject in their pajamas or making some sort of awkward fangirl facial expression.

2. No pedophile has the time to watch a television show to know what fandoms are talking about in order to actively participate.

3. The language of the site is very difficult to understand seeing as asdfghjkl;’, MY FEELS, OMG CREYS, etc. Are not part of the vocabulary of the average human being or pedophile.

4. Tumblr is primarily a site for teenage girls over the age of 15. Pedophiles like pigtails, not driver’s licenses.

5. It’s hard to kidnap someone who only leaves their room for food.

6. A large amount of Tumblr users are overweight, depressed, suffering from an eating disorder or self-harming. They came to Tumblr to escape judgment where they can be open about these things. Pedophiles prey on the unflawed and on Tumblr they’re hard to pinpoint due to the utter support. It seems as if they’re just as wounded some of the time.

7. Pedophiles crave the corruption of the innocent and naïve. Tumblr users are far from naïve and many aren’t innocent.

8. If someone from Tumblr were kidnapped it wouldn’t take long for their followers to notice the absence. (Example: I noticed Agnes was gone after two days, and that was with queued posts to keep her blog active. Imagine if her blog had been dead.)

9. You can’t pretend to be passionate about something to the level a Tumblr user is.

10. A straight male usually won’t spend long on Tumblr due to the gay. Fanfiction, innuendos and KLAINE!!! DESTIEL!!! JOHNLOCK!!! Are all volcanoes of rainbows and pride parades that might make them ‘catch the gay’

11. Tumblr is time-consuming. It would require ten times the effort to kidnap someone than it normally would on websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Myspace. Plus on those websites you’re guaranteed a better preview with more pictures.

12. Tumblr users are spread out across the entire world. It rarely happens that your Tumblr BFF lives near you and that alone would tip them off that something isn’t right.

13. Everyone in a fandom must contribute to fandom. Whether it’s with fanfiction, fanart,  manips, videos, whatever. As I said, time-consuming.

14.People on tumblr will usually post about meeting someone else from tumblr in real life if they do it. Unless they have a queue, the last thing they post will be a huge clue as to what happened.

In conclusion, kidnapping a Tumblr user would take longer than series 3 of Sherlock, would be more suspicious that Ryan Murphy’s Twitter account and as pointless as Facebook to a blogger. 

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